The Kuwaiti Police Clearance Certificate (P.C.C):

- Request letter.

- Fill the Consent Form.

- Click here to print it.

- Original Finger Print Report from Australia attested by Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) [Finger Prints Report can be obtained at any local Police Station and the attestation of the report can be done at DFAT branch.

- Copy of the Recent Passport. Copy of the Passport used in Kuwait.

- Copy of the Kuwaiti Residence. Please enclosed (2) photocopy of all documents.

- Two (2) passport size photographs. Bank cheque of AUD 140.00 payable to the Embassy.

- Self Addressed Pre-paid Envelope.

Once the documents are received, the P.C.C will be under process right away and once the P.C.C is received from the Kuwaiti government, you will be sent the original P.C.C immediately.

Please note that the processing of the P.C.C can take between 10-12 weeks. For any further queries, please feel free to contact the Embassy on the below mentioned details.  

For more information please contact the Embassy on 0262867777.

تويتر السفارة